this is going to be quick and dirty:

we're up to 11 dead mice + a nest of babies = mixed emotions.

we have to be reaching the end, right?

we're considering some cat adoptions. they'll live outside since the farmer and i can't tolerate animal dander.

however - put a puppy like this one in my hands and i'll cuddle it's little face the most loving way possible. it would definitely live inside. animal dander be damned.

pardon the blur. he's a wriggly thing.

his name is luke. my ma and pa picked him up last week. we bonded. i love him...instantly. i'll be writing an entire post about luke. stay tuned.

but back to the mice. so between the 11 mice and nest of babies, and this little treat i just ("just" meaning minutes ago) found...

i'll be moving back to the single-wide...tonight. scratch that...i'm taking the afternoon off and moving right now.

tell me - HOW did this furry FURRY, giant spider get into my glorious farm house? HOW?

please pardon the graphic, squishy nature of this picture...but obviously i couldn't capture him alive, right? a dead spider is a good spider.

as i was attempting his capture, it was one of those situations where i slammed the tissue down on his body, squeezed and lifted. but there he was, on the ground scampering away.

his death took three attempts. so when i finally got him...i may have overdone the squeezing.


i'm grimacing as i push the "publish" button. *shudder*