things have been pretty emotional up in here...what with all the hormones coursing through my body. i mean...i cried over a baby cow with a hurt leg a few weeks ago.

(but that's a story for another day...)

regardless...i cry, on average, once a week. and it's not a quick cry or a happy cry. it's a "i'm crying and i can't stop and that makes me cry harder cry." it's a "i'm crying in the shower. i'm crying in my pillow. i'm crying in my farmer's shoulder kind of cry.

people...either my farmer is a saint or he gets some sort of amusement out of it...because he's dealing with it quite well.

but let's talk about the "emotion game." this has nothing to do with crying...and EVERYTHING to do with laughing your pants off...figuratively.

here's whatcha do:
  1. gather group of friends
  2. one person takes the camera
  3. shout out scenario or emotion and snap picture as quickly as possible
for example:
  1. kelli just farted (or)
  2. you've just been proposed to! (or)
  3. a dog just ran off with your shoes!
you get the idea.

well, this past weekend, some of my very most favorite gal-faces and i ran in a little relay race. the night before the race we stayed in a little cabin.

no cell service + 3:30 am wake-up call = great opportunity to play the emotion game. yup.


emotion: ecstatic!

emotion: dumbfounded

scenario: kelli farted

now...for this emotion/scenario, i don't even know what i said because all three gals had VERY different reactions. but just look at rachel in the blue. what is going on in her head? what's she thinking? what's she feeling? i want to hug her.

when the preview of the previous shot flashed on the camera i burst into tears. but the good kind of tears. i laughed until it hurt. i laughed until i had to sit down and cross my legs.

but back to the game...

scenario: someone stole your purse

scenario: fazio (fazio is a team member's late doggy. faz had an under bite, and was blind/frostbitten in one eye. she also growled to show affection.)

our very best impression of fazio...

and while the emotion game might not put our best foot forward...i have some seriously good-lookin' friends, yes?

thanks for an AMAZING weekend gals! i wouldn't want to run 62 miles in a blizzard at 7000 feet of elevation with anyone else!