1. first and most importantly...high five for friday. i've got a suppperrrr weekend ahead of me with my gal-faces. we're runnin' in a relay race y'all!

2. high five for one of my best gals sah-weet graphic design skillz. our team name is "bad banana" this year and she put a banana...in bootay shorts...running through the sawtooth mountains...with a whip. this bad banana is BAD.

3. a HUGE high five for my glorious sissa of denver flying in. kelli belli is traveling westward to run in this little race with us and we could NOT be more thrilled WE'VE MISSED YOU BELLI!

sawtooth sisters - sawtooth relay circa 2010 (pardon the blur)
4. high five for the glorious media table thingy that was sitting at our front door last night. i've been waiting on that sucker for over a month. i guess my extremely specific instructions helped:

"go to mile marker 70. go past it. you won't get to mile marker 69...it's been stolen. now take your first left onto mormon blvd. there is no 'mormon blvd.' sign. it's also been stolen..."

seriously...those are the directions i have to give to people...

5. and lasty...high five for bebe clothes. i found a little sale yesterday. i blacked out in the store and left with a bag-full. i'm still not sure what happened. but in all seriousness...when you find gender neutral you kind of have to jump on it...ya know what i'm sayin', y'all?

i'm linked up over here with this darling gal...