we are talkin' ba-boom.

it seems like just yesterday i was rockin' my normal gut that i have learned to embrace over my short 28 years.

that same gut my farmer told me he liked because...well...i'm not sure why. (i think it's because it reminds him that i'm not perfect...no matter how many times i insist i am.)

that same gut i helped make bigger my freshman year of college with lots of...errr...games and chicken strips and midnight bowls of p. corn.

****all pictures from freshman year have been...ummm...missplaced!****

my gut and me, we've really "grown" together. figuratively and literally.

but now gut...yes, i'm talkin' to you gut...we have some pretty serious bizz goin' down. you know what i mean gut? are you listening gut?

i think it goes without saying that I give you full permission to grow and get awesome. within reason, gut.

i know you and me are typically over-achievers and all, but let's keep it modest. we don't want to be accused of showing off. right gut? right.

i hope y'all had a fab weekend. i sure did! can you tell we went 4-wheelin' in glorious fairfield, idaho!? we're talkin' some BEAUTIFUL country right on up there in those parts.

speakin' of 4-wheelin'...are you supposed to do that at six months?