mornin' lovies. today is the BIG day! are we all so excited? so thrilled? so totally pumped?

i have the winner in my hot, little hands...someone is getting some fabulous lucky dangle bangles from the most glorious JAMISON RAE!

lucky dangle bangles can be found HERE

but first...a story:

so this morning as soon as my eyes fluttered open i ran to the computer to generate the winner completely and totally randomly via "rafflecopter"...and boy was i disappointed.

as i clicked the "pick a winner" button a name/entry flashed on the screen.

my farmer. my farmer won the dangles.


he was so excited...

i mean, we're talkin' thrilled.

and then i broke the news, "farmer, as much as i want you to have those lucky dangle bangles, we can't have you ACTUALLY win them. i mean...i entered your name because i was testing rafflecopter."

and he was real REAL sad...

and he begged, and pleaded, and bargained with me.

in my heart of hearts, i knew farmer couldn't have the lucky dangle bangles.

but THEN after i sat farmer down and explained to him why it would look awfully funny if he won the dangle bangles...i was able to pick a new winner.

and that winner just happens to be...


girl! you're going to be rockin' some new, loverly jamison rae jewelry!

LUCKY GAL! (totally jealous.)

(miss molly - i'll be in touch to make the necessary arrangements!)

and if this wasn't already a THRILLING blog post...allow me to leave you with a teaser...

BIG things happening on the bloggy tomorrow. get excited. ya? ya.

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