yo. i'm going to try something new and totally awesome this month of may/very nearly june...

basically the big plan is to feature a product i love love love and then of course have a little giveaway. and giveaways rock, right? right.
so let's get to it.

happy may/june to the glorious JAMISON RAE (<~~~ give this name a click)! are you excited yet?

you should be.

i met jamison long long ago (well, like 2006) when i purchased my very first pair of earrings. these earrings are classic, simple, but still have some character with the hammered effect. i get at least one compliment every time i wear them...which is a lot because they go with everything.
not these earrings, but similar - dangle earrings

then i was lucky enough to meet her again in 2009 and i just knew i wanted her to do my wedding jewelry...and so she did!

i wore these on the big day...

wish me luck bangles

wish me luck necklace

the earrings i'm wearing i've been told will be listed soon, but these are similar
now for the SUPER exciting part...the giveaway.

jamison rae is sponsoring a little giveaway here on the bloggy blog! yayayaya! i just couldn't be more thrilled.

here is what you could WIN:

find them HERE at jamisonraejewelry.com

you love? i loooove. i knew you would love.


so get entered. ready, go.