why doesn't someone write a song about how fabulous monday's are?

oh...i know why. guh.

i thought today would be a fabulous day to report that through many google searches, sweat, and victories, i kind of but not really have a few basic photoshop functions in my back pocket.

"why didn't i take a photoshop class in college!!??"

***shakes fist at sky***

with my very basic understanding of photoshop i tried my first attempt at an inspiration board. and what might i need inspiration for?

answer: gender neutral bebe room

people, this is tricky and inspiration is a must.

"gender neutral" is a blessing and a burden.

blessing: your options are incredibly limited.
burden: your options are incredibly limited.

the other day i purchased some bebe clothes at gap that i was certain were gender neutral. i had a conversation with the salesman that went something like this:

me: "looking at these clothes, would you say i'm having a boy or a girl?"
salesman: blank stare and beads of perspiration began forming on his forehead.
me: "it's okay, there is no wrong answer."
salesman: "a...a...b-b-boy??????" (he was real REAL nervous.)
me: "that's what i thought. thanks!"
salesman: "so what are you having?"
me: "blah blah blah..."

so now looking at my little inspiration board below...does this scream gender neutral or does it lean towards the boy side of the scale?

1  2  3 similar  4  5  6  7
but naturally, since compiling this little board's goodies i've found other goodies i like even more. so maybe we'll have another round of inspiration in the coming weeks.

farmer and i are feverishly working on finishing the basement so we can get my office/guest bed out of the soon to be bebe room...then the transformation can begin. i feel like we may be running a little behind on this task. but a farmer's gotta farm, am i right or am i right?