we've done it. we're in the ninth inning. the 26th mile. the the...i ran out after two. 

regardless, today i begin my 29th week housing this growing bebe and i really need these next 11 weeks to slow down. pump the brakes. hold up for a hot minute. farmer and i have a LOT to do.

on our list:
  • assemble crib
  • buy everything else. 
seriously, i'm starting to feel some ants in my pants. all we have is a crib in a box, a car seat without a base, and a few newborn onesies. 

not to mention our basement remains unfinished, but IS making some serious progress. please take a look:





progress? i. think. so. 

bebe is making progress too...

current bebe stats:

bump watch - definitely getting bigger. i mean...i'm not fooling anyone anymore. someone asked me when i was due the other day. i said i wasn't pregnant. they called me a liar. 

this little shot was taken a few days ago after my farmer completed his first triathlon. stud.

but see what i mean...no denying that bump. 

did i mention my farmer is hot? (and has super-power eyes.)

how big is bebe? that little bebe is almost three pounds. does that mean i can deduct three pounds from my overall weight gain since it's not actually me who has put on those three pounds?  

in addition to some extra ounces, bebe is approximately 15 inches long. loco...loco i say.

clothing - i can't afford any maternity clothing right now because just days ago, this arrived at my door...

hello glorious bench, table, pillow, and mirror. i love you. 

(a lamp, wire clothing hamper, and several more pillows has since been delivered. yikes.)

weight gain - i'm rockin' an eight pound weight gain. if i put on 11 more pounds in these final 11 weeks i'll be right at that 20 pound mark...almost. which is right where mr. doctor wanted me to be.  how many milkshakes equates to one pound a week? 

70 mile drive (round trip) to the nearest available milkshake establishment. $3.70 per gallon of gas. $4 milkshake. 1 pound weight gain p/week. this equation has surpassed my math skills. 

answer: milkshakes are always worth it.

stretch marks? not yet, but i hate the smell of that palmer's lotion oh so much that i almost think the stretch marks would be worth it. does lotion work just as well?

workouts -  i'm feeling really proud of myself. i get in between 20 - 25 miles each week. granted, this is NOT all running. i alternate running/walking days. and on my so-called running days i've actually been doing five minute intervals of running/walking. so the most i run in a day is a little less than three miles. 

the walking feels great. i try REALLY hard to maintain a 15 minute mile or less, but that's hard for these stumpy legs. 

the best part of my workouts? the SUPER strange looks i get walking past the neighbor's farms. i'm not sure our neighbors know what i'm doing. the other day one farmer stopped his truck and asked, "whatcha runnin' from?" 

farmers are so charming. they warm my heart. 

gender - still a mystery. i had a dream months ago it was a girl. farmer is convinced it's a girl. wive's tales would say i'm having a girl because of the emotional rollercoaster. and so...maybe it's a girl?

cravings - how about a milkshake? or even a fruit smoothie. yeah, i want a fruit smoothie.

craziest moment of the week - don't think i'm weird, but i swear bebe doesn't kick. ever since i went for that loco doctor visit at week 27, the bebe has stopped kicking and more-so does this creepy petting. it's like the bebe is dragging it's heel or fist across the inside of my stomach. 

see...i told you it was creepy. creepy bebe.