that's right. i had my 475th display of public craziness.

and by "public craziness" i don't mean posing for bebe shots in the middle of a giant parking lot.

i typically pride myself on logical thinking and level headed-ness. but apparently when you're 27 weeks large all bets are off.

it all started two days ago when i realized i hadn't really felt le bebe move. the last time i could remember any movement was when my dear friend put her hand on my gut and told the bebe it was going to like her the most out of anyone. bebe seemed to agree because it gave a quick karate chop/kick and that was that.

fast forward to wednesday afternoon and i thought i should give the professionals a call. they instructed me to drive in right away. i was like, "i'll be there in an hour and a half." not exactly the urgency they were hoping for, but that's how long it takes to drive from le farm to le big city.

upon arrival...before i was even hooked up to anything the nurse pushed on my gut in a few spots...wham! a kick. bam! a kick. slap!

(me slapping myself in the face for being such a spaz.)

talk about embarrassing. but doctor burke and nurse benny were so gracious and understanding. they reassured me/confirmed that while i am a bit of a basket case, they would rather see me 100 times to ensure i have a perfect bebe than not see me and miss something. and so...i feel accepted. *sigh*

since everything was okay with bebe, we had already planned to go to el rod-de-o with some fellow farmer friends.

in case you don't remember, i wrote a post about this adorable gal awhile ago. we call them our neighbors, but they live about 20 miles away. regardless, i still think it's loco that there is another family out in these here parts that we love love love. but really, how could you not love? just look at them...

bebe belly - 27 weeks

quick...make a super awkward face. perfect.

current bebe stats:

bump watch - it literally feels like i'm getting bigger every single day. i guess i probably am. and don't worry...people actually tell you you're getting bigger. i know they mean it as a compliment, but riddle me this: what would they say if the following conversation went down...

person: you're getting bigger! oh my gosh!
me: you're getting bigger too!
person: ***stunned look on face.***

it makes me laugh every time i think about responding to a person saying that to me. either that, or rubbing their belly after they rub mine. WHEN oh WHEN did rubbing someones belly become appropriate? just because i have a gut does NOT make said gut public domain. get real people. get real.

farmer says i should start telling people i'm NOT pregnant when the topic is broached.

i see i have some options.

how big is bebe? the books/online all say something different. but i'm going to go ahead and say bebe is somewhere around two pounds and 15 inches long - head to toesies. i can't even believe it's in my gut. just wild.

clothing - no new clothing this week...minus that glorious teal scarf i snagged at j.crew for $10. yes please. i will say now that i've had my glorious, large-banded, button-free citizens for a few weeks...they are glorious. GLORIOUS.

word of advice - when the sales lady tells you to make sure they fit snuggly because there is quite a lot of her. i'm kind of annoyed with myself that i didn't go a size down. nobody likes a sag-a** pair of jeans. am i right or am i right?

weight gain - i'm still poppin' along at seven pounds. however, i think my face may be filling out. bring on the fat face and the stretch pants. oh...and grab me some ice cream.

when the doctor weighed me two days ago he thought everything was perfect. he said that i'm right on track to be at the 20 pound mark by 40 weeks since you gain so much towards the end.

stretch marks? after a quick examination, the only stretch marks i have are as a result of the damage i did during college.

workouts -  still running...if you can call it that. it's more of a shuffle. i try to sneak in about four miles four to five times a week. it just makes a gal feel better. however...i realized i'm down to two workout shirts that kind of fit. and i CERTAINLY don't enjoy how tight my running shorts are so i've been rockin' some spandex.

guess it's time for a shopping trip!

gender - i get pretty strong urges of wanting to know, but we've made it this far...may as well plug along to the finish line.

cravings - if by "cravings" we're talking the days when i eat everything in site...then yes. i've had cravings. anything in particular? yes. does it have sugar? i'll eat it.

craziest moment of the week - i think we're well aware of my craziest moment.

have a snazzy weekend, y'all. i'll leave you with a few glamour shots...