are you ready? it's lovey-dovey ushy-gushy time.

it's my opportunity to express to the internets just how much and WHY i love my farmer...this guy:

that's right gals. hands off. he's taken. seriously.

as of today, at 7 pm, my farmer and i have experienced wedded bliss for two whole years. we're practically professionals. right?

i can't say the past two years have come without challenges:

trailer living

house building

baby making...

i guess the baby making wasn't a challenge, but the emotional roller coaster/hormones/belly growth/heartburn is enough to shake the strongest of marriages.

i'll spare you any visual aids.

but do you want to know what rocks my socks about being married to the BEST...VERY BEST...BEST man in all the land?

he makes me laugh

we're talkin'...laughs all the time. the man is gut-busting funny. at least i think he is.

have i mentioned he's a fantastic dancer?

sure, he's dropped me on my head a few times...but it was worth it.

hard worker - the hardest working man i know

i mean, he built me a house!

and he lets me hang out while he's working:

but every hard-working farmer needs to catch up on sleep:

and take a vay-cay:

and i fully support speedo-wearing, obviously.

i guess what i'm getting at here is i'm one lucky gal.

my farmer is one of a kind, top notch, rock star status.

thank you to my lovey-love-love for two years of heart-bursting happiness...and my new iPad.

(see what i mean about rock star?!)