here we are. officially in the single digits. whoa bebe. nine weeks to go.

shall we begin our day with some bebe stats this week and continue on to why we're so stinkin' happy it's friday?

i. think. so.


bump watch - daring picture, don't you think? i do believe this really displays the disgusting-ness of the button. you can actually see it's profile.
*shudder, gag, gag*

how big is bebe? according to mr. doctor, bebe is measuring perfectly. this is music to every pregnant gal's ears. "perfect." i'll be hanging on to that one single word for another one and a half weeks...until my next appointment. so since bebe is measuring perfectly i feel safe to say bebe is just over 16 inches and right around 3.5 pounds.

clothing - i've fully graduated to the idea that i don't want to spend any money on maternity clothes so i simply walk around everywhere with my pants unbuttoned. luckily the majority of this happens on the farm, but you can bet last tuesday in our little birthing class my shorts were halfway zipped...and that's it. i'll keep telling myself that my long tank tops are keeping my secret for me.

weight gain - mr. doctor gave me the go-ahead to get some more aggressive heartburn meds. the tums just aren't cutting it. and because the HB has been so horrific it makes me not want to eat. and because i don't want to eat it makes it difficult to gain weight...right? that's how that works? so between the HB meds and some delicious milkshakes i'm determined to get over this 8 pound weight gain hump. i read some pretty nasty stuff about low birth weight bebes this week. not good. i'm on a mission to fatten this bebe up.

stretch marks? not as of yet...but i'm not taking any chances.

workouts - i have a solid routine of walk-runs going on. i REALLY love them and they make me feel great for the rest of the day. plus it's always good to get some sunshine on the legs. one thing i've had to watch out for though are mosquitoes. there's been a bit of west nile looming a little too close to these here parts and i hear that can be particularly nasty for pregnant women.

gender - we'll keep you posted.

cravings - i've been rocking these DELISH smoothies every morning. good. here's the recipe:

1/4 c frozen, no sugar added blueberries
1/4 c frozen, no sugar added raspberries
1/3 c nonfat, plain greek yogurt
1 large handful spinach (trust's good)
4 oz milk
1 tiny splash of vanilla creamer
1 1/2 Tbsp almond butter

pop those ingredients right into the blender and you've got yourself a healthy-ish smoothie. can't even see that there is over a cup of spinach in there!
craziest moment of the week - no crazy episodes this week...that i can remember. i'm probably gearing up for a big one today or tomorrow. they usually rear up on the weekends.


1. farmer put together bebe's crib!

and then did a victory push-up?

2. i painted the bebe room closet doors...GREEN! (farmer calls it bebe poop green...i call it awesome.)

i totally dig them.

3. farmer worked real REAL hard on the stairs. they are looking REAL fine...

please notice that it's STILL not exactly "kid friendly." we're working on it.

4. the basement is looking rock star these days. we even moved my office and put a guest bed down there. let's revisit the before and afters...





talk about i right?

5. okay...and high five to these super cute bebe clothes...

bebe clothes really are the sweetest.

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