this could be totally lame, but i've been wanting to do a little post like this for awhile now.

almost every single day i do some version of a walk or run or a walk-run or something that closely resembles a quick shuffle.

people...i have the shuffle down pat. pit me in a race against any 92 year old. i'll win. every. time.

so back to this "post" i've been wanting to do.

when i depart the front door to begin my shuffle each day, i look around at the beauty of the farm.'s gloriously lovely. serene. peaceful. charming. i'm in love. and it only gets better when i get friendly waves from the farmers who know me as the crazy, pregnant gal in spandex.

and because i think the farm country is the best place on earth i've wanted to take pictures of what i get to see each day during my shuffle.

finally, i sucked it up and carried my phone with me during my little workout. here is what i see:

this is me headed down our gravel driveway. it's about .6 miles long. it has a pretty nice decline when i start my shuffle, so i always feel super fast. it really sucks to finish your shuffle on a hill, however.

once i shuffle past the gravel drive i bank left and i'm surrounded (again) by more green fields.

$50 if you can name this crop. that's a lie. it might be beans. i have no clue.

these fields stretch for as far as the eyeball can see.

as i approach my "turn around" point i see these curious cows. i love them.

they don't smell. they look clean. and they ALWAYS stop what their doing to pay me some attention.

thank you cows for your encouragement.

oh hey little cow. you look picturesque with that there cornfield framing you just so.

and who's your friend? do you call him big red?

oh, i get it. you're eating and would rather i didn't disturb. thanks for looking me in the eye.

i see these cows very nearly every single day. and every day they look at me like i'm loco.

and every day i make up stories about what the two cows talk about when they see me jog by.

"what the eff is that girl doing?" that's typically the start of their conversations.

and something else i realized today?

i'm probably lucky that i don't live in le big city anymore.

you see, my new hobby is to sing outloud as i shuffle along. i can't imagine doing that on the greenbelt or sidewalk.

luckily (for the farm community), it's a rare day when i see anyone during my singing workouts.

tomorrow: 32 week bebe update. promise no more shots of my bare gut.