it's friday time! and i couldn't be more thrilled. farmer and i have had some late "work" nights this week.

farmer haying schedule:
  • sunday - woke up at 12:30 am, worked through the night. home at about 8:30 am. slept from 8:30 until 10 am. back out to the farm. home around 7-ish to work on our basement. in bed at about 10:30 pm.
  • monday - very similar schedule except throw in a counting crows concert from 5:30 - 10:30 pm.
  • tuesday - same schedule, except replace the concert with a bebe class in le big city.
  • wednesday - same...except he was getting a little edgy and i kept my distance.
  • thursday - home at about 4:30 am with the report that haying was complete. but the work wasn't finished...
i think he's up to about 10 hours of sleep total for the week.

here's a little shot of my farmer on the way home from le big city. those breathing exercises and graphic birthing videos really knocked him out...

we've (my farmer) also continued our feverishly-paced work on the basement. it's now COMPLETELY CLEAN and we even started touch-up painting everything. my farmer's mom came over around 8 pm last night and started caulking all the baseboards and nail holes. i duct taped a paintbrush to my hand (because that's where it's going to stay for the next three days), and farmer got to work on prettying up the stairs, finishing up the trim work, and hanging lights. it's a team effort, y'all.

please admire the before and afters...again:



not hoarders.




not hoarders.
see! things are happening...and we're not hoarders as previously considered.

now on to a far less important topic (kidding)...

30 week bebe stats:

bump watch - people. my gut is officially gross. if it wasn't the the rock-hardness of it that weirded me out before it's now my bellybutton. my bellybutton is popped and super soft/squishy. (i just gagged.) the grossest part? i can't stop touching it.

on our way to the counting crows concert with these fine folk...

...we chatted a lot about bellybuttons. the consensus was they are disgusting. and gross. and shouldn't be talked about anymore. which is EXACTLY why i'm telling y'all about how gag-worthy mine is right now.


how big is bebe? i guess i was wrong last week when i said bebe was nearly three pounds. THIS WEEK it's nearly three pounds, and just shy of 16 inches. i feel real good about it. keep growing you little mystery you.

clothing - no. dumb. i'm getting real REAL tired of my gap tank top, scarf, jeans combo. sometimes i sneak some non-maternity shorts in there when i want to be SUPER uncomfortable. but, i always have to unbutton them when i'm driving. shopping day? i. think. so.

weight gain - uh...maybe i need to take a more aggressive approach. i'm at an eight pound stall. and after a run it dips to seven pounds. i have a little meet-up with dr. b. on monday. we'll see what he says. maybe i'll be on a milkshake diet. i could get on board with that.

stretch marks? who the hell knows. when i go to do my stretch mark inspection i get SO disgustingly distracted by my bellybutton i forget what the original goal was. (i gagged again.)

workouts - you know this! my day job has been absolutely insane as of late and by the noon hour i'm chomping at the bit to step away from my desk. it's a glorious reprieve. i just hop up, put on the only shorts that fit and get my arms swinging. song of choice? i'm sexy and i know it. because pregnant women are sexy? maybe?

gender - i think this week i'm hoping it's a boy. my farmer and i can definitely agree on the boy names we've picked but can't seem to settle on a girl name. i think he'd name her roger if given the opportunity.

cravings - i tend to crave ANYTHING that won't give me heartburn...which is nothing. cucumber? heartburn. blueberries? heartburn. toast with almond butter? heartburn. tums? mild heartburn. maybe that's why i'm not gaining weight? i'm scared to eat.

for those of you who are not sufferers of heartburn...relish it. bathe in it. celebrate it. i used to be that gal and i took it for granted. i also thought heartburn sufferers were sallies. not so. heartburn is the devil in disguise. pity them.

craziest moment of the week - when am i not crazy? actually, the craziest most devastating moment of the week was when i realized i'm not actually growing any additional hairs on my head like i thought. (i was finding short patches everywhere.) i'm actually LOSING hair. as's breaking off in chunks. i read online i need to do a deep-condition, so i guess i'll start there. it's imperative i take some action...i had thin hair to begin with.

play hard this weekend. do. fun. stuff.