and just like that...i'm very nearly 35 weeks. and please tell me what my farmer and i thought was a great idea to do at very nearly 35 weeks?

1. finish (kind of) our house
2. have 35+ people help warm our house
3. cry's been an ongoing trend of this here pregnancy. all-out, tear-gushing, shoulder-shaking tears. from me...not my farmer. (although he probably wanted to more than once...i mean...he's dealing with me after all.

but the beauty of it all?

we finished some SERIOUS projects on our little casa. allow me to put on my bragging pants:

1. please have a look at our basement!!

just a nice little view of the bing bong table i surprised my farmer with for his birthday.

let's get real people. we've made significant strides! we went from hoarders to some serious extra square footage. we couldn't be prouder.

and you recall the "hoarding" room itself. now it's totally legit and our guests don't have to sleep...oh wait. now we can actually have guests. (seriously, my dad slept on the couch for two weeks whilst helping my farmer build our deck.)

2. my farmer built our stair railing. before? giant pit that was very child/adult unfriendly. certain death for anyone that had had more than one adult beverage.

now? perfectly safe and code-approved...i think.



3. my super-handy, glorious, hunk of a farmer hung this hunk of a light above now user-friendly stairs. and i'm in love...with the light. and my farmer...

my farmer calls it a giant popcorn bowl...which only makes me love it more.

4. and naturally, before the par-tay, i had to get the bebe room in SOME sort of order...

don't mind the 1-trillion green lanterns. just a little left-over party decor.

and don't you worry...i have big plans to do a post ALL about those stripes.

many MANY additional house chores were completed such as footkicks under the cabinets, under-cabinet plugs, lights adjusted over the island, door painting, trim painting, touch-up painting, more painting...not to mention my farmer put the railing on our entire deck. see...

okay...this isn't a direct shot of the railing, but you can see it in the reflection of the window...right?

regardless, it's glorious. and we love it. and i especially love it because my farmer built it. and he's hot.

shall i leave you with a 34 week + belly shot? i think i shall.

apparently i was as surprised as my farmer...?

let's all have a moment of silence for that gut, though. sheesh.