well, since this whole trend of writing a letter to your bebe is oh so popular, let's giddy-up on that bandwagon.

letter to my love:

oh kaye. my little high-maintenance kaye. you are your mother's daughter. (i'm a little HM. no judgement please.)

you, my dear, are a little chunk. you're tall. you have big ears. you weigh 16 1/2 pounds. you're still pretty bald, but our farmer and i think that brown hair is getting thicker.

your best feature? it could be your glorious eyelashes. or your super-tiny nose. or maybe that bald spot you've rubbed on the back of your head.

i would say that some of your most outstanding personality traits at four...almost five months are:

1. as stated before, you're super HM. not only do we have to hold you...a lot. but we can't be holding you and sitting down. we have to be holding you and standing up. we can't just be standing up. we also have to be walking. you love to move and groove. you're kind of a nosey little thing, too. you always want to know what's happening in the other room and demand to be taken there. we know you're demanding something because you give us warning grunts before you start to cry. lots and lots of grunting. maybe you could learn to relax a little? just a thought.

it's a good thing you look so darn cute dressed up as a lamb. and that toosh of yours? it doesn't quit.

2. you are a ridiculous squirm-bucket when i change you rear, but i learned a trick: when i take your pants off, i put them over your face. kind of like blinders on a horse so it doesn't get spooked. you seem to like it because when i move the pants off your face you are ALWAYS smiling.

3. aren't you just the best little napper there ever was? no, no you are not. i can get a solid 25 minutes out of you about two or three times a day. which provides me enough time to use the bathroom or make a sandwich and not eat it.

when are you a good napper? you're a good napper when i'm flying across the roughest of farm roads or we're in an incredibly loud restaurant. you'll sleep for an hour or two.

you'll also sleep in the moby wrap.

4. bless your drool-face. drool is something you do best. it may be because of the teeth that arrived at three months. really, three months? was that necessary? it's okay though, they are super SUPER cute. those two bottom teeth look great on you.

you've learned a few things to help soak up all the drool. one of those past times is chewing on bunny. you would chew bunny's face off if i let you. it used to be the softest of bunnies. now it's poor, matted fur smells a little funky.

5. you also started rolling over this past month. it's your party trick. we did a lot of tummy time to get you there, but you hated it so so much. lots of grunting and some crying would ensue with tummy time, so i would flip you back over. once you figured out the rolling thing we couldn't stop you. but guess what, you STILL hate being on your tummy. so tell me, why do you roll to your tummy every chance you get? conundrum you are, child.

6. bumbo. this is a whole different battle. i've seen the bumbo in business with other children. it works. it's awesome. you? you won't sit up you lazy thing. you lean. lean as far as you possibly can.

7. you have also started on people food, you little rock star. you eat it like a champ. so far you've tried butternut squash, broccoli, carrots, plums, and avocado. dislikes? none of them. loves? all of them.

8. things that make you smile and squeal with delight (because you aren't really laughing yet): snapping my fingers rapid-fire style in your face, sitting on my head and looking in the mirror, chewing on your ribs, and fart noises. yes...fart noises. such a lady.

we love you miss kaye. aka baby. aka turtle-bear-bug-beat-koala. we haven't settled on a nickname.