oooooooo! if there was something i liked more than putting together a par-tay...

i don't even know what i would do.

imagine my thrill when my sister (of golden, CO) said i could put together a little idaho reception for her and her nearest and dearest? i about lost my mind.

with just shy of a month to pull everything was full speed ahead.

i commissioned melanie of my billie designs to put together the invites and other paper goodies... they turned out better than i had hoped.

invitation front -

invitation back -

she fancied up some straw flags...and what's a party with out straw flags?

you better believe that cocktail tasted amazing.

also amazing? the food: fancy dogs, sweet potato salad, pesto pasta salad, fruit salad...apparently every salad excluding a green salad.

melanie also designed cupcake toppers and they were the cutest...unfortunately this is the only pathetic picture i have.

see those boxes the peaches are sitting in? my dad built those years ago for my wedding to hold apples...and they were just as lovely at this reception holding the peaches.

melanie was a total breeze to work with. she was johnny on the spot and handled my craziness well. THANK YOU MELANIE!

i couldn't stand to bug melanie any more and so as the party drew near, and my nights on the farm got lonely (farmer was farming, baby was sleeping)...i nearly burst my brain trying to put together a few more paper decorations...borrowing from what melanie had already sent.

food signage and water bottle labels


as my sister and i were working on the decor the day of the reception i looked to her and said, "kell, i'm sorry that this party started out whole-heartedly about you and rob...and turned into something i would have done for myself."

she graciously told me it was, "just fine." and thanked me over and over. but that gal knows me through and through. she knew the entire time what it would turn into. she's intuitive like that when it comes to me. either that, or i'm incredibly predictable.

either way...i'll toot my horn. i thought it was just lovely. toot toot.

and the people in attendance were even lovelier.

thank you so so much to all the lovelies that spent their 4th of july with us in mccall celebrating my dear, sweet sister and her stellar husband (it was also her birthday).

i do believe the lady that snapped these shots had had one too many peachy breezies...know what i'm sayin'?

quick - make your legs look as awkward as possible. done.