i have my hands full.

kaye is growing up like crazy right before our eyes.

the next thing we know she'll be cursing and drinking coffee...just like her mother.

it all happened the second week of june. within a 24 hour period she was:

1. crawling
2. sitting up from tummy position, and...
3. growling "mamamama mom!" (she sounds super irritated when she says it.)

irritation in her voice and all...it melts my heart.

my little miss also came down with her first illness. she had a fever for five days and i hated every second of it. when you see your little person change from the active, crazy, noisy, funny, little self to a sad, little bear...well...it's just the worst. however, the first day of the fever she literally cuddled and slept in my arms a good majority of the day. that confirmed she wasn't feeling like herself.

as the month progressed she recovered from her fever and took up speed-crawling. she motors around our house like a champ and pulls herself up on EVERYTHING. everything.

oh miss miss. your are pure sweetness and sass all rolled into one.

you are literally getting cuter and cuter by the day.

your thighs are getting bigger and bigger by the day.

you are also getting a littler bit naughtier by the day. and by naughtier i mean you are getting into everything. we need to childproof this casa asap.

as you explore your boundaries this also means you're becoming independent. that's right...on occasion you don't think mom is very cool and you'll play by yourself for good stretches of time. one instance you played for so long by yourself i found myself missing you and tried to get you to pay me some attention. you wouldn't. you wanted nothing to do with me. i'll accept that.

some of your favorites?

1. walking with your hands being held. you practically  run.

2. pulling yourself up on the furniture. unfortunately this results in quite a bit of falling. and no matter how many blankets and pillows i put around you to cushion your fall, you still manage to fall where there is none. your head has kind of taken a bit of a beating these past few weeks, but it's nothing a few cuddles can't fix.

3. dancing with your dad. bouncing and swaying and laughing. you can't get enough of this guy.

4. food. still quite the enthusiastic eater you are.

5. watching your dad ski and wakeboard. you stand on the back of the boat and enthusiastically slap until he's finished.

6. jabbering. you're a regular, old jabber-jaws...just like your father. and your father's father. and probably your father's father's father.

7. the water. whether it's a bath, on a boat, or just dipping your toes in the lake...it never fails to plaster a turtle-smile across your face.

8. dogs. you squeal with delight.

some of your dislikes?

1. being alone. being alone above all things.

favorite toy(s): toothbrush, chewing on a book, or shaking these little, plastic balls that fit in your palm perfectly. you're very nonchalant about the whole process.

note the toothbrush in both hands.
nicknames: miss miss, baby, turtle-bear, turtle, sweety-bear, sweety-bear-turtle-bug

baby - you're loved by so many because you're the very best baby. you greet everyone with a smile and even a little shyness. but once you warm up you'll play with anyone that will walk you around.

you are also incredibly tenacious. you have a no-quit spirit that is accompanied by much grunting and a grimace of determination.

before you were born i asked your dad what quality he most hoped for you to have. he responded with "determination and curiosity." it's VERY clear to us both that you don't lack in either of those departments. well done, miss miss.

this month of life i'd loooove for you to work on a few things.

what's a girl gotta do to get you to drink water from a sippy cup so you don't spill it all over yourself? currently you prefer water bottles and it makes you a wet mess every time.

napping. you're a napping and sleeping champ once you finally go down. but you get so sad every time i put you in your crib. you fight it so hard because you don't want to miss out on any action. but remember, the sooner you fall asleep, the sooner you'll get to wake up and play...so just go to sleep.

sweety-bear, you're the best. you make everyone you meet smile and you have your dad wrapped around your finger. maybe you can teach me that trick one day.