it all happened about two months ago.

my sister's fella called and broke the news he was going to pop the question...and pop he did. right out of the water.

that's right...he jumped in a creek, emerged from the frigid waters, and on bended knee asked my sweet, sweet sister to be his wifey. awwwww...

then they broke the news that we would have exactly one month to get to colorado for the nuptials and celebrations.

and that's when a perfect plan was born...

farmer, baby, and i would be RV-ING TO COLORADO!! seriously...we (farmer) drove an RV the entire way (about 13 hours each way) while i entertained baby.

we all started in great spirits. baby even rocked her retro-bans for a hot second.

and might i farmer man-handled that RV for 12 hours straight the first day...only stopping for a milkshake in rock springs, wyoming.

nobody looks hotter behind this big of a wheel...nobody...

meanwhile, baby did a lot of napping and a notable amount of whapping my face.

this posture is called: mom, please stop breathing.

another note - breast feeding pillows make excellent neck pillows.

the next morning we started out the day in laramie, wyoming where we encountered 60 mph wind-gusts which promptly ripped the roof partially off of the RV and completely tore the awning off and tossed it across the freeway...seriously. luckily...nobody was harmed and it was nothing my farmer and a roll of duct tape couldn't fix.


enough of that...we finally arrived. sister and new husband live in golden, colorado...and if it isn't just the most charming, little town ever...i'm in love. their home is a stones throw from a beautiful creek that sister and i couldn't help but pose for a candid or two...

not our finest moment.

fast forward fast forward, flight delay flight delay flight delay...friday finally arrived and all necessary parties had arrived. it was wedding day!

we sipped from penis straws during out "girls breakfast..."

we posed for more sister pictures...

and got mani/pedis!

please note the moms in the background in their "gravity" chairs. they adapted quickly to the pampering.

and isn't rob's sister, melissa, the cutest (getting the mani)? i kind of fell in love with her over the weekend. she's crafty, she's a beauty, but best of all...she's funny. see! i fell in love.

she's going to be super creeped out when she reads this.

she plays mom to this little man...

he's a month and a half older than kaye. kaye was CLEARLY jealous of all that glorious hair of his.

hey blake...throw some hair-love our way. sheesh.

moving on! 

after the mani/pedis and a stop at safeway for flowers we shoo'd the boys out of the house and got to work on the champagne and bouquet-making. 

an unofficial one-months notice bridesmaids work is never done!

the photographer arrived and we were ready for photos...except these are melissa's photos because we haven't seen the profesh ones yet.

the day was lovely. the day was beautiful. we laughed. we cried. there was a little drama. there was a lot of romance. but what is a wedding without each of those things?

the next day we did a coors tour...seriously, the fun just never stopped.

kaye enjoyed the tour so much when she was three months old she just HAD to go again. seriously...she's slept through the tour twice now. and while kaye napped...

the parents enjoyed the free samples at the end...

that's my dad in the middle. the most photogenic man...ever.

and the very happy couple...

their babies are going to be the cutest...and photogenic.

we finished up all fun and festivities with a BBQ at the couple's house. 

it was relaxed. with great people. with fantastic food. 

and thank heaven we talked them into a cake cutting...what's a wedding without cake?

goodbyes were said. we were beat. baby was exhausted...

congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law. we love you. we miss you. we'll see you in two weeks!