let's give a little WHOOP WHOOP to the birthday girl! (that's me.)

let's just say i had several skate birthday parties growing up but we never got to dress like this. blame it on idaho. blame it on my conservative parents. i'm feeling a little left out.

i'm a big fan of birthday celebrations. i like to really get it out there that it's my birthday and then pretend like i don't like the attention.

i don't actually like the attention. but for some reason, in a twisted way, i do like it.

i don't really understand it myself.

anyway...so far...it's been a bang up day.

it started off with my farmer waking up with the bear. girlfriend rises around 6:30 am. i slept in until about 6:55 am. any extra sleep is good sleep.

our little turtle-bear likes to eat first thing so i got right to work. things were going well until she tried to bite my nipple off. girlfriend has eight teeth now and could probably do some serious damage if she tried.

what she doesn't realize is that biting will get her a one way ticket to "no more boob in her face." and i don't think girlfriend wants any part of that.

i know it's an over-share but this is my birthday and my reality and my blog. we'll all deal.

what i would really like to happen is for turtle-bear to bite my farmer's nipple so he could really know what that feels like.

enough nipple-talk.

my farmer then proceeded to shower me with gifts.

first i received a swiffer sweeper hardwood floor polish polisher thing. if there is one thing this girl likes...it's cleaning supplies. i couldn't have been happier. you see...one day i got so aggressive with my hardwood floor polishing i snapped the handle. i've since been polishing our floors by hand with pledge or with a broken, dangle-handle. it was pretty pathetic looking.

my beloved also got me some fly-swatters. my hobby during the later parts of the summer is fly-killing. we live on a farm and this is our reality. we get about 15-20 flies inside every day. enough to really send me into a shit-fit. i loath them. loath. i have gotten REALLY good at fly-killing. i can swat them to the ground with my bare hand. well, i no longer have to do that because i have two glorious fly-swatters. boom.

what else did i get?

what am i going to do with this little kit?

answer: anything i want because i will always have tools and never have to go hunting for them. farmer has promised not to touch them because they are purple.

and lastly...this post comes to you from my very new, very glorious, very beautiful, new MAC BOOK PRO!!!

they say money can't buy love...this kinda makes me love him even more. but so does the tool kit, fly-swatters, and swiffer sweeper polisher.

pending no more bitten nipples...i think it's going to be the best birthday in all of my 30.