never did i think i would sooo NOT appreciate fridays.

you see...when you're married to a farmer you might get a random day off during the week, but rarely can you count on a friday to bring in the weekend.

unless it's winter...and then all bets are's party time. hold that thought...we have a kid.

but this friday my a day to look forward to.

my nearest and dearest put together a little dirty 30 birthday party and we'll be celebrating tonight in le big city.

we'll be playing some pub golf complete with outfits and score cards and i couldn't be more thrilled.

this mama needs a night off.

how to have a successful pub golf evening:

1. gather a great group of people to celebrate:

2. explain the rules and make sure everyone knows you MEAN IT. this is serious people:

and scare you friends a little in the process:

3. assign golf-themed nicknames for all parties:

 4. and bring props. props are very important for photo opps:

5. and last but certainly not least...have fun, stay safe, and take kissy pictures with your sister, or jumping pictures or...just take lots of pictures:

have a great friday, y'all. i sure will be.

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