believe it or not, i've been told i don't write enough blog posts.

i have fans people. like...very popular.

or not so much. anyway...

as i was pondering what i could POSSIBLY blog about i was stumped.

i don't cook. i don't garden. i don't craft...what's a girl to do?

and then i thought...i am pretty crazy. why not blog about that one time i waxed myself?

i'm not going to tell you too many details. nor am i going to share any pictures.

you're welcome.

but please know that there are a few rules you should abide by:

1. for the love of god please ensure the wax is just the right temperature. nobody likes second degree burns on their who-ha.

2. pre-cut your strips of fabric. there is nothing more unsightly than having your wax applied, one leg propped on the counter and a crazy pair of scissors waxed to your hand.

3. apply the wax in the direction of the hair. enough said.

4. quicker is better. once the wax is applied, get that strip of fabric on there and give it three firm rubs to ensure you have good connection. then...with no hesitation and a good it off in one smooth action. do not pause halfway through.

5. watch a single tear drip down your cheek to the countertop below.

5. have no expectations. if you're picturing yourself looking like you've just left a professional...think again. you'll start with a rough draft, revise two or three times and you'll still finish disappointed, sweaty, and bruised. seriously...i bruised.

6. go to a professional. i've already made my appointment in le big city.