this is a place of honesty. i need days off from this stay at home mom thing.

honestly...i think if it were in the cards and a most perfect world i would have a job.

but with the life we live out here on the farm and my farmer's schedule not being's nice to have flexibility of no job when my farmer gets time off.

sometimes he'll call on a tuesday at 10:27 am and ask if baby and i can be ready in five minutes.

you bet! (baby and i jump at chances to get off the farm.) point is that sometimes when farmer gets some time he'll take our best gal and let me be fancy-free for an afternoon/evening. it's glorious and i treasure it.

so as i'm off in the big city my phone will ping with a new text and it'll be a series of pictures. i get sad that i'm missing out on my daughter's first visit to a pumpkin patch, but then i quickly recover because i'm shopping baby-free and that really is the best kind of shopping.

can we take a moment to notice that my gal has no coat or shoes on and amy's team is bundled with flannels and vests? come on farmer...

but aren't our farmer's the cutest? i mean, seriously.

that's better. sweaters and shoes are necessary in fall weather.

we're pretty sure brody (amy's first little farmer) loves kaye. he loves her so much he might be smelling/kissing her hand here?

and i think it's pretty clear that our gal is underwhelmed. or tired.

thank you amy for capturing this cute adventure. i wish i had been there!