my farmer turned the ripe old age of 31 this year.

10 years ago he was at the university of idaho doing a 21 run and then getting taped to the porch of a sorority.

oh how times change.

i slammed together a tiny little par-tay to celebrate another year of life for my guy and it was a smashing, john deere-themed day.

we started the morning off with some sourdough french toast complete with berry butter. that's right. i food processed blueberries and a stick of butter and it is delish. it makes you think for just a moment that you shouldn't skimp on the butter and you slice off a big slab. worth it.

i was in charge of desserts and decor. farmer was in charge of dinner. sadly, our guests were given hotdogs (we ran out of buns) and potato salad. seriously...some people drove over an hour (each way) for that.

but i brought it with dessert. cake AND cakepops. 

a few days prior i got to work on some cakepops. i'm still working on perfecting this craft. it's like my own personal demon. i cannot help but to eat half of them before they even get on the stick. it's a problem. i'll work on it, okay? get off my back. 

please note the green and yellow.

i also tried my hand at that two layer cake again. it didn't turn out as well, but that may have been because there wasn't as much frosting available. yes. i ate enough to make myself sick.

what is with my sweet tooth?

i snazzied up the house with some balloons and streamers. what's a birthday without balloons and streamers?

most every valentine's day and birthday i make my farmer a homemade card. they are a little pathetic looking, but that's the charm in them.

even though we starved on hotdogs and cakepops we always love having family and friends on the farm.