i used to do something (before kaye arrived) called sunday fun day.

i set out some goals i was hoping to accomplish that week and then i would report the following sunday on my accomplishments (or failures) in hopes of holding myself accountable.

usually the goals had something to do with working out or cooking dinner or not eating popcorn.

but this friday i'm going to change it up a little.

five goals for the coming week:

ONE //
i am 100% not going to buy anything for myself or kaye this week. girlfriend has waaaaay too many toys and clothes…and mom's closet isn't hurting either. this also includes no stops at starbucks when i hit the big city. of course i can purchase the necessities such as toilet paper and toothpaste…but no frills. i'm sweating just thinking of all the different ways i could fail. a week is a long time.

TWO //
remember this glorious pottery barn sign i posted about a few weeks ago?

well…i'm pretty positive it's not going to turn out exactly like this…but i plan on completing this task in the next five days. let's just say my farmer had a few opinions on the wording…

i have got to start working out more consistently. there is nothing more sad than looking at pre-baby-body pictures and then looking at the body that you've since been gifted. i'm mean…sure…it looks more than fine with clothes on. i can't complain about that. but the business underneath? time to stop complaining and start doing something about it.

this was me the summer i completed my first triathlon. those were the days. you see…i was pretty chunky in college (like so chunky i got stretch marks…eeeee)…so training for this tri got me closer to the bod i had always wanted.

this was also the summer i spent a good portion of time in a tanning bed, my hair was suuuuper blonde, and we were partaking in adult beverage…a lot. those were the days. coincidentally…i also got engaged. tan + blonde + skinny + drinking = what my farmer wanted.

i plan on getting in some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes five days of the week. boom. it's written down…so it shall be. maybe i'll even sign up for a race somewhere…even though it's not racing season…maybe i'll make up my own race.


have any of you heard of the site minted? i'm sure you have. it's WONDERFUL. i just love their goodies. you better also be prepared to sell a kidney for your adorable christmas cards you're going to send to 50 of your nearest and dearest. so instead i decided to make my own. they aren't going to be NEARLY as adorable as these goodies, but it'll get the job done and will also help me justify the dollar billz we forked over for photoshop. yikes. i'll get these off to the printer this week.


on thursday (yes, thanksgiving day) we'll be traveling to chico to spend thanksgiving with my daaaaahling sister and her daaaaaahling hubs. i'm very excited to show my farmer chico. i hope he likes it as much as kaye and i do.

anyway…my sister and i have a bit of a history. we are the very very best best of friends. like…i love this gal as much as anything. but we are also known to "hooch." this is what my farmer calls it. basically, we can be really big bi*ches to one another. (i'm more guilty of this than she.) and it annoys EVERYONE. everyone who is around us. so my last and most important goal is to minimize the hoochin' so we can all have a glorious hooch-free holiday.


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