we had the sweetest little rainfall yesterday. 

what that usually means to me is cuddling up inside and moving as little as possible. 

but when you have a turtle and a farmer with more energy than mice on crack, well, cuddles and TV watching just aren't typically in the cards. 

so back to this rain...

i was playing mom-of-the-year and heating up (yes, in the microwave) a hotdog for turtle's dinner and looked outside...i had two escaped runners having the very best time getting soaked to the bone. 
but we are talking pure joy on this gal's face. she absolutely loved every second.

plus it helps that our farmer is the fun one. thank god he's around or our gal would miss out on many an awesome childhood opportunity...like getting dirty or running in the rain...gasp!
and it certainly doesn't hurt that these two are beyond smitten for one another. 

talk about a third wheel. sheesh...get lost mom.
i'm so unbearably bias here, but this gal makes me swoon. i know of no other person that can pull off this face and make it look so so turtle-tastic.