another board for the books, y'all.

i received an e-mail from a friend who is celebrating her 30th next weekend.

the party is going to be at an arcade/bowling alley. kids are welcome but we'll be ditching our little bear. she's kind of a buzz-kill when it comes to my farmer and me enjoying a night with our friends.

plus i may drink a beer or two and try to make out with that farmer of mine or something. kids don't need to be around for that. anyway…

the birthday gal told me her favorite colors and i said i could take it from there.

i took those favorite colors…and threw them right out the window…unintentionally. because that's what any good wanna-be party planner does.

mostly i just kept finding pictures in bright teals, reds, and yellows and so i went that direction. the party god's were willing it.

mood: playful // brightful //funful //friendful // retro

colors: aqua // red // lemon

row 1: beer // balloons // boxes // jars
row 2: blue bev // burgers // G // bowling balls
row 3: cake // pretzel // retro fab // birthday card

this night out with friends should be a hoot.

this was the same group of friends i definitely…have no business sharing my past. it'll only get me into trouble.

happy birthday miss annie. can't wait to celebrate with you!

same drill.

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