today, as i thought up a brilliant title to a blog post i haven't written, i was thinking, "what is just one thing that could really change my blog? give it the boost it needs? really blow it up?"

you can sponsor.

you can do giveaways.

you could even post good content. but that's hard.

what you REALLY need is a celebrity backer.

let's take erin, from living in yellow, for example.

girlfriend is obsessed with giuliana rancic. or maybe she just likes her a lot. regardless…erin gently stalked, tweeted, posted about her…and traveled to chicago to eat at her restaurant. i think she even offered to be baby duke's nanny. correct me if i'm wrong, erin.

erin + giuliana = BFF4L

well, aside from erin being hysterical and awesome and i want to be her friend…erin has a bang-up blog with a boatload of readers. and her readers are loyal.

do you want to know why?

it's because giuliana backs erin's blog. it's true. i think they may even be secret besties.

sure giuliana may be a ridiculously busy, new mom, but who doesn't have time pop around the internet and read a blog post or two. i know giuliana does.

so now i just need to pick a celebrity to gently stalk from long-distance.

i briefly did this at the beginning of my blogging journey.

the pioneer woman was my target. then i got pregnant, had a baby, and ain't nobody got time for blog-stalking with a newborn.

but now i'm back in the game.

i need a celebrity who will give me few shout-outs. maybe even a few instagram "likes."

and before i know it…my farm blog will blow up and kaye will have modeling agencies knocking down our door and my true calling as a stage mom will come to fruition.

maybe i'll even land a guest appearance on the real housewives of (name a city).

blogging…it's a strategical process.

who would you choose to be your celebrity backer?

let's start a movement.

oh yeah, and that ridiculously clever blog post title?

juan for me, none for you

the post will be all about juan pablo…naturally.

idea // juan pablo will be my celebrity backer.