i know i know. you guys probably thought i submitted to the frosting in my pantry and gave up on running altogether. you would be correct and incorrect.

i run for frosting.

the other day i put frosting on graham crackers and i thought i was in heaven for like…seven minutes. (seven minutes in heaven, anyone? remember…in the closet? who am i kidding…nobody wanted to kiss me in junior high, high school, and a solid majority of college. thank god for farmers.)

anyway, today i'm bringing your ears the musical delights of some of my favorite running songs.

i'm not the type that listens to angry music when i work out. i need the feel good stuff.

starting things off...

timber | pittbull featuring ke$ha 

i could probably listen to this song on repeat for at least three miles.

if the song alone isn't enough to get your legs moving, just watch the music video. that's some serious motivation to get my boo-tay and legs in running shape. i'll probably need to throw in some squats and quite a few lunges.

at the very least…this song makes me want to go to a bar in the shortest shorts i own…and cowboy boots, of course.
and does anyone else find pitbull oddly attractive? apparently he and willie geist, of the today show, are really doing it for me these days.

thriftshop | macklemore & ryan lewis

these guys. i mean…they are pretty rad. but that beat…it makes me want to move.

blurred lines | robin thicke featuring t.i. & pharrell

how do we feel about songs that make us feel sexy? because this song does it. are you ever running and a song comes on and it gives you a swagger? almost like you have fresh legs? that's this song for me. 

black betty | ram jam

this song is basically telling you to move your ass. like…right now. i'm not typically one for guitar solos, but this song brings it in a big way. i don't recommend you start your playlist with black betty, but it's a great one in the middle after you've settled in. 

and a few others you should just work into the rotation - 
  • should i stay or should i go | the clash
  • here it goes again | o.k. go
  • work b**ch | britney spears
  • best song ever | one direction (you bet i went there.)
  • locked out of heaven | bruno mars (may as well throw treasure in there too.)
  • some nights | fun
  • cups | anna kendrick