happy day to you fine fine ladies. (and maybe some dudes…but mostly gals.)

in honor of my post from last night…i stuck with the wedding theme. i mean…i didn't have this blog when i was planning my wedding/getting married and it's time to start sharing some of those amazing stories.

1 | did you happen to read p. 1 and p .2 of what REALLY happened on our wedding night? i think about it like it happened to someone else, but no…it really did happen to me. of course. because that kind of stuff happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.

2 | keeping with the wedding theme…you guys…i spent two hours at the social security administration office yesterday to change my last name to match my farmer's...just three and a half years late is all. but two hours?? no wonder i waited so long. i knew it was going to take forever.

3 | another wedding fun fact? i totally did a keg stand in my dress. classy? no. proud of it? absolutely. you will NEVER catch me doing one of those again. NEVER.

back ribs look good on no one. i repeat: NO ONE. please see #4.
4 | something else i'll never do? a carb free diet. i may have been the skinniest i've ever been on my wedding day, but i was also mean (and we're talking MEAN), a total airhead and i would cry hysterically at the drop of a hat. people…you need carbs. you do. i swear. bless my farmer for sticking by me.

5 | now? we've been successfully married for 3.5 years. he's my absolute rock and i love him more and more every day. he's epically wonderful. my parents even wonder how i snagged such an amazing man.

it's what we do on fridays…linking up…