1 | i couldn't help it. i had to bypass st. patrick's day altogether and start decorating for spring + easter. i started with a spring chalkboard and moved right along to some glorious packages that were delivered last week. some easter eggs. a bunny. several guilder gold frames that need pictures. total beauts. 
2 | last weekend farmer and i took kaye to the zoo. naturally, she loved the goats the very very most. even though we have goats on the farm at her disposal. girlfriend acted like it was the most unique creature she'd ever seen…absolutely could not get enough. my farmer had a pretty good time too.
3 | so…i was totally going to participate in a st. patrick's day recipe linkup with a bunch of gals. i made these super good-looking rainbow, mini donuts. so so cute, am i right? or am i right? i'm right. don't be fooled. they taste like gar-bage. garbage. i mean…the icing was pretty tasty, but the fact that the recipe is trying to pass these off as delicious donuts…tsk tsk.
4 | finally…amazon decided to deliver this sweet little gift from the heavens. you see…my gal loves climbing and loves a good slide…no matter how short it is. five feet, three feet…she's all about it. girlfriend spent nothing short of three hours on this little number today and i expect it'll be the gift that keeps on giving. hours of enjoyment for her. hours of peaceful observation for me from a lawn chair. count me in.
5 | speaking of fine fine weather, girlfriend and i have been getting outdoors for some moving and grooving. we've taken the bob stroller out for a few runs. i may have brought the iPad with us so turtle could enjoy some in-run entertainment. on about mile 2.5 she threw it off the side and i quickly rolled over it. we won't be doing that again. she'll just need to enjoy our sweet farm views. which is exactly what she's been doing during our hikes in the backpack. seriously, three miles with 30 pounds on your back…that's a workout. 
have a splendid weekend. i hope your weather is as glorious as ours is supposed to be!

spring on over for the linkup!