1 | i was a nanny in prague for a hot second in 2008. i left the country to make my farmer miss me and hopefully snag a proposal out of him. it worked…two years later after i had already moved home.
 2 | at a baby shower i helped plan for a dear dear friend we hand-made a game called pin the sperm on the egg. yes…just like pin the tail on the donkey. that's the mom-to-be's mom blindfolded with sperm in hand in the background.
3 | widely-known fact…my farmer can dance. and he's not afraid who knows it. he's the type of dancer that does the flippy, throwy, turny things. i've been dropped on my head…a lot. 
4 | my big sister and me…we're besties. she lives in california now and i kind of hate it. i love it…but i hate it. come visit soon kelli.
 5 | to round things out…this was taken after a night out during a wedding weekend for my farmer's cousin. i think i'm eating a chalupa. it's safe to say…i don't remember a thing. hello? karli? what planet are you on?

happy friday everyone. don't have as much fun as i had in that last picture. a bit of sound advice from me to you. 

link that thing up.