and who do we suppose this pants-less wonder is? that's right. turtle is back to celebrate her 16 months here on the farm. 

i think it's pretty clear  in the above picture that her hair is really starting to blossom. no, seriously. in the past month the thickness has really increased. which is funny, because my hair has actually gotten thinner. seriously. it's breaking off all over the place so i finally had to do something about it. but that's a different post for a different day. 

my little girl. she has some serious personality. she's a runner not a walker. a snack and meal-lover. and she definitely marches to her own beat. 

girlfriend is more than capable of picking up small pieces. but when you've perfected that skill, why not make things a bit more efficient? hoover. 
thank god for the warmish weather as of late. little girl absolutely cannot get enough of the farm-fresh air. i can tell we're going to need to let some dollar bills fly on some outside toys because we're going to be working on our tans all summer. 
every morning after breakfast we put on our shoes as fast as we can so that you can find some new and amazing rocks you didn't see the day before. luckily, with our farm-living status, the rocks are a-plenty. we are at no shortage and i don't foresee any issue with this in our future.
a bonus with your new found now let me put headbands and bows in your hair.

on this particular morning we put you in your new sandals and i reaaaallly wanted you to wear the matching headband. i put it on you and you ripped it off. i put it on you again and told you you had to keep it on if you wanted to go outside. and just like that…a miracle happened. you wore that headband all day…and now you wear bows all day too. thrilled.
we recently took you to your well-baby checkup and got some good and not so good news.

girlfriend…you're physically advanced. the fact that you can run, skip, jump, spin is apparently pretty advanced. you are also 70th percentile for weight (you take after your mom) and 78th percentile for height (you take after your dad).

not so good news? the doctor was a little concerned with your lack of verbiage. he said to read to you more, but if that were the case we would be locked in your room all. day. long. i think i knew the culprit, and it wasn't that we weren't reading to you enough.

it was that effing binkie. you needed it. you wanted it. you were in love with it. it was your passion. well…we've taken it away. you went from 20 binkies strategically placed around the house, in the car, and in your diaper bag to one binkie that you get for naps and bed time. when you're not sleeping the binkie lives safely under your pillow. you put it there when you wake up because you know i won't take you out of your crib until you place it there. it is the cutest thing.

but guess what…your language has done a bit of a boom since we went binkie free. you now say (in only language your farmer and i understand): animal cracker, blueberry, banana, mom, dad, more, bye, dog, bunny, and we're pretty sure you said brody the other day. we're probably going to have some trouble with one of amy's boys down the line…i just know it.

because just look at this little girl. i swoon for her. swoon. and i fear the boys will too.

nicknames | turtle, little girl, girlfriend

favorite food | greek yogurt, beef jerky, animal crackers, and forever and always…blueberries

likes | her farmer, driving, tangled, being outside all the time without pants on, sliding, dogs

dislikes | diaper changes, some of my cooking, winding down for bed

favorite song | blurred lines, robin thicke ft. TI + pharrell

sleeping | you've officially dropped your second nap. you now take a glorious GLORIOUS three hour nap at noon and are down for the night by 7:30 pm. you sleep nearly 13 hours at night…you lazy, lazy bear.

you're going to make a terrible farmer.