guys…my turtle is 17 months. and you know what that means. time to start planning her second birthday party…right?

i kind of blew it with her first birthday party…what with running around like a crazy woman trying to transition everything from inside to outside. who knew it was going to be 70 degrees on october 30? anyway…

kaye is nearly a year and a half and i CAN absolutely believe it. some people say that time zips by before your eyes and you don't know where it has flown. i tend to disagree.

maybe time will speed up a tad when kaye stops nailing me in the head with a ping pong paddle? or how about when she replaces whining with talking? or stops fighting me on everything. that'll be a nice transition.

but turtle does do many many adorable things that make me smile with that ridiculous "mom-smile." then i catch myself looking around to see if anyone else saw just how adorable my daughter is.

"did you see that? did you? that's my gal. she's amazing"

let's just say that with the amount of clapping and praises she gets…turtle won't be with a lack of self-esteem or confidence. she probably thinks she poos rainbows and puppies at this point.
still struggles in the hair department.
the older my best gal gets the clearer it becomes that she is her farmer's daughter. (i mean…we always knew this, but it's unbelievable how alike these two are.) i'm in serious trouble.

turtle is // stubborn, strong-willed, funny, quick to smile, an incredible sleeper, snacker, loves the outdoors, and loves me…a lot. all spot-on traits of our farmer.

traits i hope she picks up from our farmer in the near future?
  • our farmer's brain - let's just say he's not lacking in the intelligence department. i constantly have to bring my A-game or resign to stop talking.
  • our farmer's hair - i have no hair. our farmer has glorious, thick locks that shows no signs of thinning…ever. when i cut his hair it's like i've shaved a cat. if turtle gets his hair she'll be a brunette with cascading waves and bright blue eyes. swoon? no big deal…we made the most beautiful child. 
  • our farmer's metabolism - our guy can't gain a pound. he has a permanent six-pack. dancer legs for miles. if turtle gets his metabolism…life will be easy.
this past month i've decided you need to socialize a bit. i mean…you can't have me as her only friend. so, with your high energy and dare-devil attitude i thought gymnastics would be perfect. meh. we're working on it. you love the trampoline and climbing over the mats, but when it comes to following directions and not throwing epic fits…you've made me the mom who has to take her daughter outside to calm down. let's nix this asap.
your dancing has improved greatly. you clap. you sing. you swing your arms. and somehow your farmer taught you how to "get low." your booty-drop kills us every time.

oh gal…i'm absolutely positive that if there were an animal noise making competition for one year olds you would win every single time. 

to name a few // sheep, elephant, goat, pig, dog, cat, bird, owl, bear, snake…and we throw tractor in there for good measure. you're basically brilliant…

except for you're still not talking. when is this "language explosion" going to happen i hear so much about? any day…still waiting...

a few notable traits i've noticed this month // you like doors closed in the house. you are constantly closing the bathroom door, the door to your room, and the door to our bedroom. not sure why, but it's your preference. 

you are also the gassiest person i've ever met. you fart when you laugh. you fart when you throw fits. you fart when you squat down to pick something up. you're a farting machine. let's hope you grow out of this one a little bit as you get older. 

you also don't care for large birds at all. they actually make you flinch when you see one overhead. that's okay…large birds are freaky.
oh sweetness, your farmer and i love you so much. even though you go to bed at 7:30 pm which has really cut into our socialization…you're worth it. thank you for making everyone around you smile and laugh. you're loved a trillion times over and over amen.