that's me. child of the 90's. you could have also called me an athlete. just check me out! denim shorts. shirt tucked in. hair down. athlete.

because i was such an athlete, this is also how i knew i could have rocked being on a game show really hard.

i guess you could have said i was a bit of a reality tv kinda gal way back when. any chance i had to get my hands on some cable tv you could count on me turning it directly to nickelodeon to catch up on my favorite kid-run game shows.

1 | where in the world is carmen sandiego
this show was actually on PBS, but you bet i watched it every day after school. i never got the answers correct. i never knew the countries they were talking about as the kids zipped around the giant map placing their lights. my parents even bought me the computer game of where in the USA is carmen sandiego because they knew where in the world was over my head. i was terrible at the computer game too. it didn't stop me from yelling at the tv and taking my best guess…and every now and then getting one right. very similar to how i watch jeopardy. and rockapella deserves a shootout too.

2 | family double dare
this show was a little less intellectual and required a little more coordination. that's why i knew my family could never be on the show. i mean…it's not like we're not coordinated but let's just say there would have been some weak links, plus my dad is a bit of a show-boat and would have embarrassed my sister and me to no end. but how sweet would it have been to win a vacation to disney world?

3 | wild and crazy kids
i love loved this show. i think i liked so much because i thought it was the one show i had the best shot of getting on. i treated it like gambling and would pick my favorite team and see how it all shook out. i usually chose based on how many cute guys were on that team or if i thought the girls looked uncoordinated. and then i would wonder to myself, "where do they get these people?" don't they realize  i'm just sitting here ready to catch a flight at a moments notice? stupid.

4 | GUTS!
you bet i saved the best for last. this was my absolute most favorite for ever and ever amen. i absolutely, without a doubt in my mind know i could have beat most of the kids on their best day. just watching the sad, uncoordinated kids bumble through the obstacles or up the crag (remember the crag?). gah! the frustration just having to watch them knowing how much better i would have competed. they didn't' stand a chance. this show was also a nice transition into my love affair with gladiators.

of course i say these things never knowing how my dreams of greatness would have shaken out. i probably would have gotten too nervous, cried, punched a fellow competitor, ripped my shirt off, and ran around the arena naked…but who knows. it was the 90's.

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