if you are like me (and i bet you're not because i'm absolutely crazy) you love finding a new, fun blog that's full of fun stories, talent, and honesty. those are the best kind, right?
well, dayna from princess burlap has it all and she says it best // love, autism, a broken baby factory, and a talking dog. we're ridiculous in all the best ways.

you want to get to know her, don't you? don't you!?

or maybe you just want to be jealous of her?

don't worry, you can be. she just had an AMAZINGLY beautiful wedding and is currently honeymooning in PARIS!! do not…i repeat DO NOT follow her on instagram. you'll be taunted with images of cafes, eiffel tower selfies, and delicious pastries.

okay…time to let dayna do the talking…

i'm dayna.

my husband is autistic.

i believe in ghosts.

i take photos with feverncy.

have i your attention? ok. i'll keep this as brief as it is within me to muster. if you're left wanting more, i can assure you that i never shut up on my blog is you won't want for long.
yes, the man i just married a couple weeks ago is autistic. asperger's if you're familiar. if you're not, it essentially means he's brilliant, strange, rigid, and quirky. it took him years to be comfortable with my touching him without warning, months to be comfortable with my touching him at all. there is an order to all things in his word and disruption of that order used to cause meltdowns and fights. most of all though, it means he is the most loving and loyal and beautiful creature i've ever had the privilege to know. our love story has been sometimes puzzling, sometimes maddening, sometimes difficult, but always, and without fail, beautiful. here is a wedding recap of sorts // to wake from a dream

you'll see the subject pop up in many posts, as learning to speak one another's language is a daily dance, but i wrote the full story here // what two men and autism taught me about love

ghosts. it's true. i was raised by two people whose subscription to the supernatural never expired. we weren't allowed to attend sleepovers at the homes of friends who had ouija boards stashed under their beds because that meant spirits would surely follow us home. as a result, you'll see that i tend to write about ghosts here and there. hey, i never said i was normal.

a few examples //
and lastly, photography. there is an intense, uncluttered magic in a photo. a story. a feeling. bottled beauty. for years i have felt this wanting, this desire to do something rest, to belong only to myself and all of the villages i knew i could build. what i didn't count on was the community that i've assembled about this blog of mine would finally bring me the courage to let go of my self doubt, hone in on a dream, and chase it, tackle it to the ground. dayna jung photography will go live in about two weeks and it's my goal to work for myself rather than someone else by the year's end, preferably sooner. thanks to all of you, and to the bottomless love from a man the likes of which i never thought i'd know. 

karli again…

was i right or was i right? it's time to show dayna some love i do think.