i know a gal who knows a gal. this gal is getting married in an absolutely stunning location in a town just south of where farmer and i were married. so as i said, it's gorgeous.

did i mention it's in the summer time at a ski resort? if that doesn't give you a clear picture of the mountain glory that is to be the backdrop, i don't know what will.

anyway, this gal is getting married and i had the chance to meet with her, have a meal of food and talk shop. my favorite kind of shop. wedding shop.

i snazzied together this little board for her knowing that her colors are cream, black, and silver. and what with it being in the mountains and all…natural greens are bound to find their way into the pallet.

the conclusion was rustic mountain elegance with touches of vintage chic. i can't say i'm mad about what i'm seeing. it'll be simple and lovely and perfect.

mood | rustic mountain romance

colors | cream + slate with pops of green
row 1 | car // champagne // pillow // hydrangeas
row 2 | shoes // key // hairpiece // envelope
row 3 | tulips // suit // meadow

as always…i'm taking requests!

are you planning a party? a wedding? a shower?

i'd just love to toss around ideas with you to create your own custom board to help you pull off a beautiful celebration!

e-mail me HERE.