well…what can i say? we have dollie on the blog today and i couldn't be happier about it. she's really a gal after my own heart. adventurous. fantastic writer. totally adorable. hard-working husband. not afraid to throw a tantrum or talk about her bra size. did i mention she's funny?

read on, and once you get to the bottom click over to her blog to find out exactly why she threw a tantrum at an amazing concert.

Greetings September Farm fans, I’m Dollie. I realize that name implies I’m closer to the age of 90 orrrr that I have ginormous breasts. But I can assure you I’m in my late twenties and I’ll probably only fill a C-cup when I eventually decide to bring a child into this world. I am the gal behind the blog Two Wooden Spoons.
Wooden Spoons
These wooden spoons are my family history, my present and my future. Their story is complex, yet romantically simple. They represent hardship, character, and success. They are my favorite memories. They are everything I want for myself and my family. I am the daughter of two fearless immigrants from Romania. My mother contributes to my blog in a series titled “In My Mother’s Words” where she writes about our incredible family history. I am the wife of a hilarious and courageous man who is in the process of getting out of the Army after ten years of service. It’s been an exciting yet terrifying life change. Figuring out what the next chapter of our life looks has been an emotional roller coaster. I put my thirty day notice in at work only have to have all of our plans fall apart a few weeks later. Now it seems we finally figured out our next chapter and we couldn't be more excited to start this journey.
I am Motor City born and bred but have been enjoying the heck out of life in Music City for the past four years. I’ve seen more concerts in the past few years than I have in the last ten combined. Living in Nashville has birthed a passion for the arts, small businesses and independent restaurants. And while I'll probably never be 100% ready to leave this town, we are packing up and moving to Cincinnati next week. In the spirit of saying goodbye to Nashville, I figured it'd be appropriate to recap our last official concert at the Ryman Auditorium, AKA the time I threw a temper tantrum while sitting front row at the Lumineers concert.
Head on over to my page to see how it all went down.

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