1 | oh you lovely 5 on 5-ers (plus all you simply clarke readers)! get your discount on with a 30% off ALL my spots. "it's a FIRE! sale." (any arrested development fans out there? tobias?) anyway…just use the code 5FRIDAY and you're in bizz.

2 | yesterday i ran a little confessional on my blog and i'm wondering if i shouldn't turn it into a little series.
if you have any interest in sharing an awesome story about mom-fails, bar blunders, crazy girlfriend moments, etc. just shoot me an e-mail with your idea and we'll get your guest post scheduled! i'd just love to have you and all your embarrassing moments so we can laugh at with you. think of it as trauma-rama for bloggers (remember 17 magazine??!).

3 | shifting gears // farmer and i are FINALLY going to finish our downstairs bathroom. i really want to nail this design because i feel like i sucked it up with our master bath. i'm on the hunt for the most perfect inspiration and here are a few i'm looking at…
the bathroom needs to be a combo of guest + kids…and also something i won't be disgusted with in two years. i've scoured pinterest and nothing is quite right. i hate design.

4 | good news guys…bloggers are givers. (and bloggers are bribers.) i teamed up with these gals to bring you some $$ for some spring goodies to some of our favorite stores. good luck!
5 | my farmer…
here he is, working away while i snap shots over my shoulder. he's chainsawing all the debris that grows over the ditch during the winter…farming. it's super glamorous stuff. 

so farmer gets a little blog love today. he's the absolute best in my book. best farmer. best husband. best dad. farming has really picked up the past few weeks. any other year he would be waking up early, working late and skipping most meals to get it all done. this year? he's been waking up super early, getting sh*t done and taking names, comes home to have dinner with his best gals, and then goes back to work after kaye goes to bed. all so we can live the life of our dreams. he's one of a kind and i managed to snag him. (read // wore him down until he had no other options.)

get your 5 on gals...