well, i kind of am. yesterday i was having mini panic attacks about not having a great story to write about…but sometimes when you're marathon watching the united states of tara…it's okay.

you don't have to write a blog post. and you know what…people probably won't miss it. like…at all. the only person that's actually going to realize you didn't post on monday for the first time in forever is your loco mother who leaves wink-face emoticons ( ;) ) on all your instagrams. (hi mom!) oh, and maybe your husband who's glad you haven't mentioned your blog and it's pageviews for a single day in history.

but that's a whole different battle. i'll prove that farmer wrong one day. one day i will make a little $$ off this here blog. besides documenting priceless memories…it is the #1 goal. always has been. don't judge. granted, in the meantime, i've run across some pret-ty fantastic women-friends in blog-land…so i guess that's just a casualty of this whole bit.

onto bigger and better things.

you may have heard me speak of the weather out here and our general lack of spring-ness. yesterday, someone heard my pleas and prayers. the wind stopped gusting at 45 mph and the sun beat it's beautiful rays on us. all. day. long. it's pretty amazing what one day of good weather can do for the soul.
the weather was so good, in fact, we were able to walk around the farm sans pants. and by we i mean kaye…and only kaye. we're not so secluded that i could have pulled that off, but pretty close.

we hopped on the four-wheeler and took a ride enjoying all the beauty. the alfalfa fields look like seas of green. (green dollar bills.) the majority of our water is turned on so hundreds of sprinklers are bathing our fields. it's all quite lovely. and as a bonus, there are about one-trillion birds, gophers, mice, hawks, owls flying and scampering around…and turtle can't help but point every. single. one out to me.
farm life…there's a lot of charm to be found. it's definitely safe to say our turtle is in love with her farm…and farmer. it's mutual.

speaking of farmer...we got to help our farmer fix some pivots (giant metal contraption that pivots around the field spraying water…this is part of a pivot…)

our turtle…she's such a big help…said no one ever.
we really can't wait for the tractor driving to begin. i have plans to drop kaye with our farmer with ample amounts of snacks. they'll both be satisfied for hours. it's the perfect plan. then i'll be free to go for runs sans stroller…and really, that's the best kind of running. i'll also be free to snack on nutella as i marathon-watch my next netflix obsession.

i have plans people…big plans.

speaking of running…i was able to run outside for the first time in a very long time. i nearly forgot that i love running. which i've concluded just means i absolutely HATE running on the treadmill.

regardless…between the weather, the farmer-time, and the run outside…yesterday was nearly perfect. today better not let me down. i have high expectations.