we have a treat du joir for you on the blog today. 

i have been struggling lately with motivation. that's no secret. i need to get motivated to move my boo-tay. i need to get motivated to stop putting complete garbage food (read: canned frosting, nutella, whipped cream, etc.) in my face. 

do you know how i like to get motivated? 

i buy myself new goodies. it's shameful trickery and it works every single time. i'm simple-minded like that. 

maybe you want to buy some new music? workout clothes? an iPod? options people…we have options. 

we have options because we have $$ up for grabs here. $130 of cash. cha-ching!

feast your eyes on these tasty licks. all of which i'm eyeballing…especially those leggings. i'm a sucker for leggings that hide my love handles. 
source | ipod // fuel band // leggings // water bottle // shoes
and when you've finished up drooling over these goodies have a looky-lou below because we've got some more eye-candy for you. 

the wonderful ladies who've brought you this glorious fitness-inspired giveaway. 

the good news is the giveaway is cash. so if getting motivated to sweat isn't your thing…buy yourself a starbucks and something from j.crew and call it a day. 

we're all winners here, people. 
ashlen | aimee | karli | amy
natalia | dollie | enjoy essential | libby
brooke | meagan | felicia | noelle
show some love and get busy on your entries. GOOD LUCK!

should you want to get in on the giveaway action in may go HERE and enter the code GROUPGIVEMAY for 30% off!