allow me to make you monday a little more awesome than i'm sure it already started. 

not only are there 16 pictures of darling gals on your computer (that's me, third from the right), but you may also have noticed that giant $220 cash giveaway header. did you notice? i thought so. 

what's a great idea for your monday morning? spending the next five minutes getting yourself entered. 

then spend the next XX minutes making new friends with the gals below…or at least creepily stalk them like i do to a solid majority of the blogs i read. it's cool. if bloggers didn't want stalked they wouldn't have a blog. right? 
***please note…i actually DO NOT want stalked.***
so as i was saying. scroll down. get yourself entered. then cross your fingers and toes that next monday you'll have an e-mail in your inbox letting you know that you have the freedom to spend $220 on your heart's desires. 

new iPod? you bet.
couple of new bikinis? absolutely.
take your best gals to dinner? that's extremely thoughtful of you. you're a better woman than me. 

what i'm saying is…you can't afford to not. or maybe you can. either way, it's a win because i can promise you're going to find a few new favorite blogs. get busy!
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if you're feeling fancy and think getting in on the june giveaway is right up your ally…i'm certainly not going to discourage it! visit my sponsor page and choose your ad size! the top three options will guarantee you a spot!