my name is karli and i can successfully lie to myself every single day.

some of my more favorite lies i fall victim to every single day?

  1. i'm definitely going to wake up and workout tomorrow. 
  2. i'm not going to eat anything after 7 pm tonight. 
  3. i'm going to drink at least 80 oz of water today.
it's absolute trickery and it should probably stop before i develop some sort of psychosis. maybe if i adjust my mantras to…
  1. i'm going to try and workout tomorrow for at least 45 minutes.
  2. i'll only eat a few bites of nutella at 8:30 pm tonight.
  3. if i drink any more water i may as well leave my laptop and cell phone in the bathroom.
but hey, they are goals. and if i attempt them each day, maybe one day, one day very very soon, i'll hit the trifecta and really have some bragging rights here on the farm. 

but these aren't the important things i'm here to talk about to day. no no no. what i'm here to talk about today is far more delightful and far more delicious. 
i have ashlen on the blog today, and she's such a treat. not to mention she's incredibly intelligent, has a darling husband, and they're building their "forever" house. you can read about that here
basically what i'm saying is ashlen is the type of gal i'd ditch my husband for. no, not in that way. hear me out. 

"hi farmer. what are you doing?"

"hi babe. i'm busy farming. it's going to be a late one."

to which my response would be, "great. i'm headed to ashlen's. there are some frozen casseroles. survive."

to which he would ask, "again?"

he'd never get a response because i will have already hung up the phone. 

then i'd drive to ashlen's new, beautiful dream home. she would have her famous peanut blossom cookies and wine set up on the back patio. and since i'm imagining rainbows and butterflies, kaye would plop down on a blanket and play nicely by herself until bed time. 
ashlen would tell me all about her essie obsession, and her latest finds as she painted my nails the perfect shade of nude (i'm a neutral wearer). 

i would tell her about how kaye picked all the flowers from my potted plants. 

ashlen would poor us a hefty glass of wine and say, "you need this." she would go onto tell me about how this wine she found at the last "sip happens" gathering she went to. and how this wine was responsible for her booking a vegas vay-cay. but as they say…sip happens. 

so between the heavy wine poors, the nail-painting, and the delicious cookies…and let's not forget kaye's very best behavior…how could we all not want to spend a few days in ashlen's world?

the gal is a doll. and you know what…i wouldn't turn down a chance to meet her for real. but for now, we all settle. we settle for her stories and pictures and random trips to vegas. 

but luckily there are lots of ways to hang with ashlen:

have a great wednesday, farm friends. i'm going to get my sweat on while drinking copious amounts of water…and probably a little nutella. but just a little. moderation my dears. moderation.