meet kaye. meet kaye mid-fit.

i don't think anyone would ever accuse her of being a picky eater. well, maybe slightly picky. 

however, sometimes its difficult to hold her attention long enough to even try a bite of a meal. it can be pretty frustrating considering i find meal times to be the hardest part of the day. i'm not very creative in the meal-making department. i don't enjoy it. i never have. but guess what? that frustrated turtle above? she has to eat about forty-eleven times a day, counting snacks. 

when i know she's hungry and i watch her throw food to the floor…nothing ticks me off more quickly. 

so when i say i've solved the problem to toddler picky eating i mean i've solved my toddler's picky eating…for one day…for one meal.

i thought it was worth sharing if it helps one mother/toddler relationship.

it's worth it if one toddler doesn't refuse food set before him/her.

it's worth it if only for the fact that it could save a mom from having to try and think of something different after having already prepared a perfectly yummy meal for lunch.

here's what you do. go to the store. get yourself a box of toothpicks.
me? i used a giant, wooden skewer because if that's all you have on the farm…then that's what you're stuck with.

hand the stick to your toddler.

watch your toddler immediately try to blind/stab him/herself.
when you're done cringing, enjoy watching your toddler stab individual bites and clean her plate. pinky out…of course. she's a lady.

in the end you'll have a perfectly pleased child with a full belly ready for a nap. thank god.
and because my gal is so darn cute and so darn photogenic…one more.