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we have some super radical gals sponsoring the September FARM june group giveaway...which is obviously even more of an awesome reason to get entered. obviously.

meaning: even if you don't win the least you found some new awesome blogs + instagrams + twitter feeds + you get the follow.

smellin' what i'm cookin'? pickin' up what i'm puttin' down? i thought so.

here are a few more reasons to get entered...

1 | i'm not sure about you, but i have about 27 + 10 weddings to attend this season. i'm not mad about it.

let's just say my farmer knows how to get down. and when i say "get down" i mean drop it like it's hot. flip, spin, throw, and injure. yes...multiple girls have been injured at the hands of my farmer's dancing.

regardless, with wedding season means a new dress or three. throw in some accessories and i could certainly use a little extra green in the pocket.

2 | or let's talk about how $175 can buy you a summers worth of pedicures. and if your feet look like my running feet (gross!) you need to pay someone to touch them.

3 | and if you're still not convinced you need to get entered...picture yourself throwing a bang up bbq for your nearest and dearest to celebrate these warm summer months. i'm nearly positive $175 will cover food, beverage, decor, and backyard games.

definitely my most favorite way to spend a summer evening. (either that or on a boat or on vacation or drinking a margarita...or...okay...there are lots of ways to spend summer nights, but that's a good one.)
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final note: want to get in on july's group giveaway? you do??!! perfect. visit my advertise page! any of the spots get you in on the action!