i'll say it again...i'm absolutely giddy over all the love and compliments you guys have sent our way. it makes being pregnant that much better.

because, if there is one thing i know...it's that a pregnant gal LOVES compliments. at least this one does.
so now we're at 22 weeks large, we've announced to the masses our exciting news, AND we know what we're having. i can't wait to share that news with you guys...but what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't make a spectacle of it and blow up some balloons or wrap myself with ribbon or make kaye hold a sign or something?

answer - a terrible blogger. everyone knows you take full advantage of the blog posts you get out of being pregnant. so...in a week or so i'll definitely be announcing that! don't forget to vote in the top, left corner if you think it's a mini-farmer or a sweet, little gal...the exact opposite of kaye, of course.

22 WEEK STATS | farm baby #2
cue the awkward pose. i had exactly one 22 week picture to choose from.
WEIGHT GAIN | oh, you know...five pounds. that's a zero pound increase from last week. however, my stomach has definitely popped out, which is nice. it no longer appears as though i've eaten a large meal or that i'm trying to loose the baby weight from kaye. 

CLOTHING | my tas are growing hourly. it's a problem, people. i was chatting with a gal (who is 26 weeks) and her husband last week and they agreed that was one good thing about pregnancy...bigger tas. i said, "speak for yourself." at this rate i'll be having a baby in late october and a mandatory boob job in early november.

also, i'm officially a permanent wearer of my yoga pants or dresses. my maternity clothing from kaye is still too big but my pants are just so damn tight. i mean...if i HAVE to squeeze into my white, skinny jeans, i'll do it. but you can count on them being unbuttoned and unzipped a solid majority of the time. 

WORKOUTS | i'm still running all over the place! the farm weather has been substantially better lately so kaye and i are getting outside more. she's such a little trooper in her running stroller. i'm averaging about 15 miles a week.

also, last night i purchased one of those front seats for toddlers you can put on a bike. kaye is a bit of a daredevil so i know she's absolutely going to love it. 

what is she not going to love? the helmet.
GENDER | we totally know and it's so exciting because we didn't find out with kaye. as stated before, vote in the top left corner of the blog! also, be on the lookout for another annoying blog announcement in the coming week(s)!

CRIES THIS WEEK | i'm sitting solid at ZERO cries this week! this is a big deal. i'm probably gearing up for a big one...who knows what will trigger it. probably in the dressing room of macy's as some lady is telling me my bra size is a 34 G-H-I-J-K and she's never seen that on someone my age.

CRAVINGS | salsa. i ate chips and salsa the other day and was in absolute heaven. actually...i'm craving them right now and it's 7:05 am. i know a fantastic salsa recipe that i'd just love to share with you guys...i'm inspired. look for that next week too.

and that's that! 22 weeks in the books and less than 18 to go.

for all you moms of two (or more!) - any products i should look into for multiple kids? as in...baby toddler products?

do you think i'll need a new stroller? do we like the baby bjorn or the ergo carrier more?

have a great tuesday!