if there is one thing i love...it's treating myself.

i call it having a "me day" and my farmer looks at me like i'm taking crazy pills.

but i mean, seriously...there are few things better than saying "yes" to yourself all day.

would you like a treat from starbucks? definitely.
would you like a massage? yes please.
would you like a new scarf from banana republic? why yes i would.
how about going to see that new rom-com without anyone rolling their eyes next to you? 100%.

seriously...if this is something you've never done, get on it. but i'll warn you...it's addicting.
which brings me to our gal today...danielle. she's going to tell us all about treating ourselves to a manicure...which is a pretty good idea, because pretty nails just make a gal feel good.

(and while my farmer would never admit it publicly, he likes when my nails are all dolled up.)
It is about that time when leaves turn colors, the air is sweet and smells of baking apple pies and scarecrows come out of the closets. You're now able to fully enjoy fall time with a cozy sweater, some leggings, a cup of hot apple cider and beautifully manicured nails that match the season that is upon us all. You can grab the look you're going for and apply some of these tips when it comes to getting or giving a manicure to yourself – enjoy it.

The Colors
Colors are a big thing to think about. This is for the simple fact that you want to make sure that you get all of the colors of fall. Working the right colors will give you a good way to match your outfits for the fall as well.

  • Plums and dark purples or maroons – these will provide a deep color that is both smooth and rich. 
  • Browns of every shade – not only is fall a smooth, deep, rich color but it goes well with just about any other color. 
  • Bright colors that remind you of leaves – this could be reds, oranges and yellows. Each crisp color provides a different look on a different day or mix and match them.  
The Little Extras
Nails are a great thing since you can add little extras to really make your nails stand out when the time comes. You're able to provide yourself with a beautiful look that looks like it was done professionally if you do it yourself – follow some of these simple things in order to get salon nails without the salon price.

  • Thick clear over coatings of nail polish are great for chip resistance and also providing a finishing look to the color that you applied. 
  • Some sparkles that match the color you're working with – but don't over do it. Maybe just a sprinkle on one of the five nails on each hand. 
  • Try color coordination when it comes to four fingers one color and the other finger another. 
  • Be as creative as possible with your nails and remember – it is not permanent, grab the nail polish remover and start again! Attached are some pictures of my own nail art and just a promo pic of me along with my site logo/banner. 
Danielle Faith

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