you know what's a whole heap of fun come summer time? 

outdoor get togethers with good friends.

throw in some margaritas +'re in bizz. 

mmm...margarita. hold the tequila, please. 

i have yet to meet a person that has turned down a margarita and/or salsa. 

i mean, think about it. have you ever heard a person say, "oh, i just don't really like chips and salsa." haven't.

this is exactly why you need to add this little delight to your recipe box...or at least pin it. 

yes. pin this salsa recipe. let's help my blog really blow up.
  • 1 jar salsa of choice (i use herdez)
  • 1 small can herdez salsa casera
  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 can corn
  • 1 red onion
  • cilantro to taste
  • garlic salt to taste
  • 1 glorious bag of tortilla chips
1 | choppy chop your cilantro and dice up your red onion. place in medium sized, decorative bowl.

2 | open your cans. drain your beans and corn. pour beans, corn, and salsa casera in the bowl with the cilantro and onion.
3 | pour entire jar of salsa in with the rest of the ingredients...stir stir stir. give it a taste test. does it need the garlic salt? sure! add garlic salt. taste test. need a bit more? throw in some more!

just like have yourself an impressive salsa booming with beautiful colors. a real crowd pleaser to say the least.

more impressive? this makes a solid amount of salsa. as in...around 6 - 7 cups. dig in.