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i'm a total sucker when it comes to shopping for kaye. i want her to have it all. i want it to be the cutest. i want it to be the best.

so now that i'm having girl #2 this feeling is totally amplified by a million.

this is SO obviously a huge issue for my farmer...but farmer has to learn.

1 gal + 1 gal + 1 mama TOTALLY trumps 1 farmer.

this is my farmer's fate. roll with it, farmer. roll with it.

1 | for next gal definitely needs this zipper onesie with matching hat from baby gap. i'm confident our farmer won't have issue because he's quite the bike rider himself. as in...on vacation he went on a 50 miler. that's on a road bike motor.
2 | as i explained yesterday, we didn't find out kaye was a girl until the delivery room. as much fun as that was, i had to decorate her nursery completely gender neutral. our poor gal has been stuck with navy stripes and animals on her wall for nearly two years. 

well, since we know T 2.0 is a girl...i'd absolutely love to change a few things out. for starters, i have my eyeball on these two chandeliers from pottery barn. they are perfectly classy and perfectly girly. 
3 | remember those animal prints that are on kaye's wall? while they are super cute, they scream boy. i'm totally ready to change them out for some pinks and corals. (and while i'm not totally in love with that chicken print...i thought it was funny. i found these goodies in minted's art section.
4 | i think it's pretty obvious that with the cold months of idaho quickly approaching (okay...that's like five months from now) both of my gals are going to need some classic uggs. it's a completely practical/logical purchase for a newborn. (plus, i have a pair myself. now we can all be matchy.)
5 | and naturally, i'm still swooning over every glider and rocker i come across. my latest is an anthro find. isn't it perfectly natural, perfectly classy, and wouldn't it look great in more than just a nursery? totally transitional.
downfall - it's $1700. not in my wildest dreams.

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