another edition of brag about our weekend is in full effect.

i absolutely have to brag when we get ample amounts of time with our farmer. it's the very very...very very best. 

even if the weekend consists of house projects, cleaning, mowing, and wrangling a wild animal posing as a little girl. it's always more fun with a hot farmer by your side. know what I'm sayin'?

even better than that is when said hot farmer asks to take his best gals on a little date. allow me to set the scene:

mexican restaurant. no margaritas. lots of chips and salsa. 

now, you really can't beat this scenario when the restaurant has several empty booths allowing your little girl wild animal to run around like a...wild animal. 

yes, we were those parents. our turtle demanded to have her shoes off. she demanded a chip in each hand. she demanded to be under the table. not our table. the empty table behind our booth. i was in no mood/had no energy to try and teach a lesson on behaving in public. besides...when your turtle spends the majority of dinner underneath a different table, it practically makes it seem as though you're on a nice little date with your farmer.


we finished our date night with some fro-yo and watched the lightening show over yonder from our deck. 

sunday rolled around and we headed to the big city for some fun-filled hours at the water park. i had to drag my farmer back there so he could see his best gals conquer all of the slides. and we did. even the slide that said it wasn't recommended for pregnant women. i spoke to the lifeguard and she said, "well, we don't recommend it, but we're not going to tell you to not do it." 
obviously i did it. obviously. and it was awesomely terrifying. i conquered that slide with amy and i believe she said something like, "watching your face was more scary than the slide itself." but trust me...the slide was scary.
but what's even scarier? some bump updates in a bikini...again. i know, i'm sorry.
29 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | good news friends. i had my glucose test this past week and we're in the clear. if you've never taken a glucose test it's to check for gestational diabetes. basically, you go in, drink some super concentrated sugar water, wait an hour, have your blood drawn. so simple, right? well, the gal who gave me my drink handed me my little gatorade bottle and said, "you have five minutes to drink this starting now." i slammed that thing back within seconds. trust me people...this is not a sipping situation. pound it like you practiced in college. 

long story longer - i don't have gestational diabetes, my blood pressure is good, turtle 2.0 is measuring right at 29 weeks, and i'm up 10 pounds. 

WORKOUTS | for me, working out during pregnancy has been a wonderful outlet. sometimes there will be dishes in the sink or my floors will be terribly dusty or our bed won't be made (it's never EVER made)...but during kaye's nap, i'll usually choose to do some cardio over picking up the house or mowing the lawn or prepping our dinner. this is ALWAYS the right choice for me. i genuinely feel so much happier and calmer after i've put some sweat on the ol' brow. 

i can't run consistently anymore, which makes me sad. it just hurts too much. like...i've been kicked in the crotch 80-eleven times hurt. so i'll mix up the cardio with a run-walk. it may take me 45 - 55 minutes (depending on the day) to get four miles in, but that's what i shoot for. some days i'll only walk...and that's okay. 

the very best part? i ALWAYS follow my workouts up with some evening ice cream...after turtle hits the hay, of course. this is a must. you have to replace those calories...and i read once that milk is a great way to help your muscles recover. and ice cream is just frozen milk...or something like that. 

CLOTHING | lots of yoga pants, sports bras, and maternity tank tops. so so glamorous...i know. i actually considered this outfit for my visit to the doctor this past week. but an opportunity to hit the big city sans turtle in tow was an opportunity to get i did. i wore my other uniform, which consisted of the maxi dress and tank top gathered and tied in a little knot above the bump. 

i'll be excited if the weather starts to turn and i can start rocking my leggings, tall boots, and some flowy tops.  

GENDER | i've claimed that i know this second little gal is going to be a carbon copy of her sister, but as of late...i'm considering how wrong i could be. what if this one is gentle, calm, and keeps her emotions in check? 

what if? would i even know how to handle a kid like that? 

what if this next one isn't a good eater and sleeper like kaye? 

what if she doesn't walk at nine months like kaye? 

and most frightening - what if she isn't the picture of health like kaye? 

come on turtle 2.0...i totally won't be made if you take your sister's lead...just be super healthy.

also, in case you missed it, i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few weeks ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | no cries. #nailedit

farmer and i were talking and the lack of tears may be because we're not building a house this time around. 

pregnant + house building = recipe for emotional train wreck. 

CRAVINGS | the appetite has decreased pretty significantly over the past week or so. i get heartburn so so terribly that the idea of stuffing my face is not i have to save room for ice cream. 

i did grill up some delicious chicken breast this week and the very next night followed it with some grilled shrimp and, i'm basically a grill master.
(the dressing on this salad is a greek yogurt, feta, dill from lighthouse and it is amazing. if your grocery store carries lighthouse you'll find it in the chilled section, next to the other veggies and packaged salads.)

i think we can safely say i've been craving the grill. i think i love it the most because there is next to no cleanup. 

PURCHASES | i'm not one to really brag about my purchases because i don't really have my finger on the pulse of what's hip and with it. however...i nailed it this week. as in...if they aren't already sold out, you should buy yourself this robe immediately, if not sooner. plus gap is having their friends and family discount of 40% off right they are practically giving it away...not really. but the robe is worth the $40. i'm in love. 
i'm 5'5" and with child...the xs/s fits wonderfully and will also do just fine after baby's arrival. the only strange part is in the picture the stripes run vertically, but on my robe they run horizontally...and the horizontal stripes are cuter. 

ps. i'll really try to make a point of no more bikini pictures and no more shorty-robe pictures.

happy monday, friends. here's to a great week!