i have some good news and i have some bad news.

we're going to start things out with the bad news.

last week was farmer and my 4th wedding anniversary.

the bad news - we both FORGOT. how do you forget? i have no clue.

but we literally both forgot. true romantics at heart is what i'm saying.

blame it on a super high maintenance farm and a 7 1/2 month pregnant brain. these are two legit excuses...i think.
also...it either means we're absolutely made for each other or we're destined to forget important dates the rest of our marriage resulting in a lot of hurt feelings.

i think it means we're made for each other. kind of like how we both have negative blood types.

super rare, people. super rare.

but now the good news!

tomorrow (as in less than 24 hours from now) farmer and i are leaving the turtle and heading to denver for a wedding. one of farmer's very best college buddies is getting married to an absolute gorgeous, smart, sweet, gal...we're all very excited.

even better news is farmer and i have decided this is a PERFECT opportunity to celebrate our four years of wedded bliss. he even said that at the rockies game he'd buy me a hotdog. pure romance.
but the very best news? we have emelia from dream big & buy the shoes on the blog. and who doesn't want to dream big and buy the shoes? this sounds like a girl i'd like to get to know. ya know? i imagine emelia to be like that friend you always think of when you need super good advice or you just need to feel better. let's chalk that up to the positivity that oozes from her writing. so refreshing.
the other awesomely awesome part about emelia is she's preparing for a big party...as in...she's soon to be married! now...i enjoyed being engaged for like, exactly 30 seconds. then my OCD kicked in (as well as my 800 calorie a day diet) and i lost my mind. but had i read emeila's post on the perks of being engaged i would have realized that wearing shirts that say FEYONCE and embracing the awesomeness of planning and prepping for the big day are reasons to be happy...not cray-cray.
if you needed more reasons to pop over to emelia's blog, well, allow me entice you. girlfriend is a dreamer. i know, i know. i already said this. but when you read her post about her dream job, you can't help but start dreaming yourself. or at least reflecting on what you thought your life was going to look like. emelia takes you on a trip down memory lane that so many of us can relate to, i'm sure. but the ending message is an important one. i won't spoil it. go READ it.
now i ask...when you were little, what was your dream job? i literally thought i was going to be an orthodontist. it's super apparent how that worked out. i do make kaye walk around with tinfoil on her teeth sometimes. kidding. kidding.

if you're feeling like emelia is your new best gal, i don't blame you. if you don't feel that way, pump the brakes because girlfriend can sweeten the pot...or at the very least, make you more beautiful. now, i had never heard of these until emelia sent me the link, but apparently younique make-up products are where it's at...especially the 3D fiber lash mascara. now...i have yet to try any of the goodies, but that's because the only person that sees me on the daily is the turtle. she doesn't care. but, if you face public on a regular basis, why not look your very best? questions, get in touch with our gal emelia.

or...if you're not into the make-up bit, feel free to find emelia in all other worthwhile avenues. she's sure to brighten your day. i promise.